This BBC journalist asked Sadiq Khan a racist question

December 8, 2017


NEWS DESK: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is on a trade mission. He visited India and then crossed the border to Pakistan on foot. Unfortunately, he became the target of a racist question reeking of contempt and hatred posed by a BBC journalist.

BBC reporter Karl Mercer asked the London mayor: “Does it feel like coming home?”, to which Khan swiftly replied: “Home is south London, mate. But it’s good to be in Pakistan, it’s good to come from India, home of my parents and grandparents.”

Khan was born and raised in Tooting; his parents are of Indian Muslim heritage and settled in Pakistan with his grandparents after the partition of India in 1947, before moving to London in 1968.

The fact that a BBC journalist asked him such an offensive question for simply being an Asian stirred a social media debate. Here’s how people lashed out: