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Man threatens to shoot employees over ‘putting onions in his food’

June 9, 2017
Man threatens to shoot employees over ‘putting onions in his food’

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PHILADELPHIA: Police arrested a man who allegedly threatened to shoot employees at an eatery in Philadelphia over ‘serving onions in his food’.

The suspect named Yuba Sharma was taken into custody from outside All India restaurant after officers responded to a call about a man described as “drunk and angry.”

Owner of the restaurant Ravinder Singh told the police that the suspect arrived in a drunken rage still mad that the waiters had put onions in his food the night before.

Reports mentioned that Sharma did not leave the restaurant despite being told multiple times to do so. Instead, he reached the pockets in his pants while allegedly threatening to shoot the owner.

That’s when police were called to the scene.

The owner of the restaurant initially didn’t wish to pursue charges but changed his mind telling police that he no longer feels safe in his own shop.

Police stated that Sharma was in such a drunk state that he was speaking ‘nonsense’.

He allegedly told a police officer that he was arguing with staff “because they put onions in his food.”

The law enforcement agencies stated that Sharma resisted being place in ethe back of the car.

Charges of terroristic threats, indecent exposure, public drunkenness and resisting arrest have been filed on Sharma.


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