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Poor Aleppo: Human Meltdown or Human Apathy

SAMAA | - Posted: Dec 16, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Posted: Dec 16, 2016 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Poor Aleppo: Human Meltdown or Human Apathy


By: Naumaan Ansaari

Dear protesters and celebrators over the misery of people of poor Aleppo. I have a message for both of you all.

Did you ever realized the meaning when remnant people of Aleppo left messages on social network saying that it will be their final call? Why would have they said that? Did it mean they were going to be prisoners or did they mean they were going to die sooner?

Aleppo has already been burned down with millions of children and women and men crushed and wounded to death. Raising the voice through any platform; either it is so called Karachi Press Club or any other program or city-wide procession or making social network campaigns with slogan like #StandwithAleppo and #HelpAleppo; are just complete rubbish. You know… when they needed us, we kept ourselves in sleeping and avoided to write in newspapers and telecast from our TVs about Syrians misery with all our minds and hearts but we did nothing. Now when everything has gone; we are now managing in rising to make protest and campaigns in standing with Aleppo; the city where humanity has already been meltdown. There is nothing has remained intact in once beautiful Aleppo but broken walls and destroyed edifices, houses and annihilated dead bodies under the rubble.

What a protest can do in comforting my sons, sisters and brothers in Aleppo? What have we done so far for them? When everything has gone, we are like waking up from a deep sleep and are just going to protest against WHAT? Going with protesters is like making fun of Aleppo misery and worst than ever human meltdown. This is a sin we Muslims of all Islamic countries has done by keeping ourselves silence for so long… for all those years when children and women were kept massacred brutally and their fathers, brothers and old people were slew by Iran and Bashaar butchers.

Wait… now just—waking people ask me for what can they do?

Let me tell you… when Turkey sent aid to the poor people of Gaza prior Eid-ul-Fitr through an accord with Israel few months back this year; I made contact with Turkish embassy and I asked them that I with my friends wanted to send our salaries as cash and some other gifts gathered from my social circle so I requested to include our part in the aid. Now same approach should be done in here. We should not just raise ourselves to march in protest but talk to our Islamic political parties as well as other Muslim countries so that they must send doctors’ team to Aleppo, we must send our reporters and rescuers, and we must send our hearts and minds to Aleppo. We must bring innocent children to our homeland so that they could get good care. We must bring those families in our land. Again just making protest is like a fun to me. How would you feel if your family has been murdered and I only come out just to protest…? NO! I will never do it rather I will make an impact. This is time to make an impact not making cry like a weaker.

I saw pictures posted on social network that in Iran, it’s a jubilation time as common people are celebrating and distributing sweets among each other in streets. They have celebrated the Aleppo misery.

Believe me; if it is called human meltdown in Aleppo then in Iran it is rightly called the human apathy. Iran and Hezbollah has now lost all the support and soft corner of Sunni Muslims across the globe and the general opinion of the world. Just to save one tyrant and a killer! Was it worth smart Hezbollah and Iran?


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