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Fishermen worry as jellyfish wash ashore in Balochistan

SAMAA | - Posted: Feb 14, 2020 | Last Updated: 4 months ago
Posted: Feb 14, 2020 | Last Updated: 4 months ago
The last such jellyfish bloom was in 2003

Fishermen are worried about their livelihoodd after a large number of jellyfish washed ashore in Balochistan.

A large number of jellyfish have been spotted along the coasts of Balochistan and Sindh after 17 years. The last such a bloom was seen in 2003, according to WWF-Pakistan.

In a statement, the organisation said that the jellyfish are everywhere and it has affected fishing operations such as tuna gill-netting. It has even affected shrimp and fish trawling in the coastal and offshore areas, it added.

Jellyfish blooms extend for miles and miles and create many problems for the fishing industry, according to research by Columbia University. “Jellyfish blooms disrupt the fishing industry by tearing nets and harming fish. Smaller jellyfish or jellyfish tentacles can enter aquaculture pens and suffocate the fish,” it says.

Moreover, jellyfish sting swimmers and clog cooling water at power plants, which in turn reduces power supply. They even affect the fish population by “consuming the zooplankton they need and eating their eggs, larvae and juveniles”.

People have been warned to not touch any jellyfish washed up on the beach as it may sting them. Jellyfish sting their prey with their tentacles that releases venom meant to paralyse their targets, according to a story by WJCT, a media organisation based in Florida, US.

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