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7 questions for Meesha Shafi–not on dating or liars

Or Coke Studio, which she’s killing this month

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 24, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago
Posted: Nov 24, 2020 | Last Updated: 2 months ago
7 questions for Meesha Shafi–not on dating or liars

Photo: Meesha Shafi/ Instagram

Malka-e-Pop Meesha Shafi is returning to the Coke Studio floor after four years, for Season 13, expected by the end of this month. She broke out the news of working again with record producer Rohail Hyatt on Monday, saying that Coke Studio was the platform that “changed [her] life forever”.

In celebration of the news, we decided to ask her non-news questions.

SAMAA: Can you share your go-to fashion hack for when a girl’s in a tight spot?

Ms Shafi: Sunglasses, coat, topknot and sneakers. I’ve gone places with these items thrown over my PJs. So nice PJs too I guess?

But if it’s very formal, keep your saris hung ready with blouses and petticoats. They’re a no-brainer and never disappoint.

SAMAA: What is the best way to hire a lawyer? Tips?

Ms Shafi: The best way to hire a lawyer is to first hire a lawyer who can advise you on which lawyer to hire…

SAMAA: What do you do with your used coffee grounds?

Ms Shafi: I’m very proud to say that I quit coffee a year ago.

SAMAA: Is marriage overrated?

Ms Shafi: A highly overrated gamble, even though gambling is strictly forbidden.

SAMAA: The worst advice your mother/father gave you about managing money?

Ms Shafi: I got no advice on this matter whatsoever. But I did watch and learn a lot from my mother, who is a single parent and did a stellar job at it.

SAMAA: How would you rate your Excel sheet skills? 1 to 10?

Ms Shafi: Lol, big fat zero! But my manager’s excel sheet skills are top notch! So if you have leadership skills, get a good manager.

SAMAA: What is the theory that has had the biggest impact on your thinking?

Ms Shafi: Reality is an illusion, based entirely on the perspective of the one experiencing it. Change your perspective to change your experience. Observe the illusion, like one would watch a theater play, and don’t take the game of life too seriously.

SAMAA: What sounds define Pakistan pop from the 1980s? Or later. Signature stylistic characteristics? Lyrics?

Ms Shafi: Lots of synth! Sequenced drums. Video game arcade like beep-boops, although perhaps not locally.

Clear, sparkly vocals, at the forefront of the mix.

The word ‘gori’. Dil Dil Pakistan! Lyrics revolving around young love. Nazia & Zohaib!


Vital Signs: All their songs.

Strings: All their songs!

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