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Sarah Khan condemns ‘item number culture’ in Pakistani cinema

June 28, 2019
Sarah Khan condemns ‘item number culture’ in Pakistani cinema

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While Mehwish Hayat is defending her right to perform item songs, Pakistani actor Sarah Khan condemned the item number culture prevailing in the Pakistani cinema industry.

The actress said she has been “offered many films but made it clear that I could not wear revealing clothes and could not do item numbers”. Speaking to SAMAA TV on its programme Naya Din on Friday, she said she wants to work on films that only “work according to the social environment of our country.” She also patted herself on the back and said she doesn’t wear sleeveless, short sleeves or “backless and deep necks.”

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Khan said items songs are not the only formula for a film’s success. “What I believe is that for a film to score big, all you need is good actors, a good director and a well-written script,” she said. The actor added that if the director still feels the urge to add item song, then there is no stop.

The Alvida actor explained that she is not against item songs, as they are also a form of art. “I don’t think singing and dancing are wrong, but what I am against is the mentality that forces women to think that to look attractive they have to dress in a certain way, dance to certain songs, or make certain expressions,” she said.

“We are women, we are better than this, and we are mothers of mankind, so it isn’t justified for a woman to say that to prove her talent she has to perform on an item song, be it internationally or locally, said Khan.

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Earlier, Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient Mehwish Hayat took to Twitter to defend her choice to perform item numbers on Chirhya in Chhalawa and Gangster Guriya in Baaji. Khan commented that “just like it’s my personal choice not to perform an item song, it’s other actors choice to perform item songs too, however, I am no one to criticize or to judge others choices.”

She also advised young emerging talent hoping to make a future in the film industry that education is the most important thing for a woman.

“My grandfather used to say that from an educated mother you will get 10 educated generations and from an uneducated mother you will get 10 uneducated generations,” said Khan. She remarked that it’s not just education she is talking about but that people should also have good analytical skills.

“Secondly, my advice for young talent is to learn to say no! Women should know when, where and how she has to say no,” said Khan.

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