Ten memorable songs of Junaid Jamshed

December 7, 2017
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Junaid Jamshed top 10 songs

Pakistani singer turned cleric Junaid Jamshed died in a tragic plane crash on 7th December 2016 and left us with some of the most cherishable memories with his music.

We take a look at 10 memorable songs of Junaid Jamshed.

1. Dil Dil Pakistan

2. Maula

3. Saanwali Saloni Si Mehbooba

4. Aitebaar

5. Gori Rang Ka Zamaana

6. Uss Rah Par

7. Tumhara Aur Mera Naam

8. Yehi Zameen

9. Yeh Shaam

10. Tum Mil Gaye

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Story first published: 7th December 2017


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