Over 1000 dogs killed in Karachi

October 18, 2016
By: Samaa Web Desk

In a major crackdown, more than 4000 stray dogs have been killed in different parts of Karachi over the last few days.

The campaign to rid the city of stray dogs was launched earlier this year.

The plan, however, angered animal rights groups, which took the matter to court.

In August this year, a Constitutional Petition was filed by Barrister Asad Iftikhar in Sindh High Court.

The petition was marked as public interest litigation and highlighted that the mass killing of dogs was being carried out by the authorities without any legal sanction as no bye-laws are framed in regards to stray animals which is a pre-requisite under the Sindh Local Government Act 2013. 

Mr. Iftikhar also argued that the practice of the concerned authorities was inhumane and such treatment of a sentient animal is ethically questionable especially when humane alternatives exist. The alternatives that were advanced include sterilization and vaccination of street dogs as mass killing of dogs does not address the source of animal and so will have to be repeated indefinitely as dogs have extremely high breeding rates.

The petition in question was filed with the assistance of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) who also suggested that authorities such as KMC, CBC and DHA should legislate bye-laws in this regard to curb the stray dog population but in a systematic and civilized manner.

The bench headed by the Chief Justice of Sindh Sajjad Ali Shah was pleased to issue notice to the concerned authorities who will appear on the next date of hearing along with the Advocate General Sindh .



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