Opinion: Ex-Governor State Bank wants end to caretaker govt system

State Bank of Pakistan’s former governor Dr Ishrat Hussain has said that economy will be the biggest challenge for the upcoming government.

“Strengthening the economy will be the first and biggest challenge for the new government,” he said while speaking to SAMAA TV.

The prominent economic expert stressed the need for consistency in government policies for the sake of stability and a long-lasting development.

He believes that “only democratic governments can ensure development, but through the consistency and durable policies.”

About the current state of the economy and the claims of the outgoing government, Hussain said “Pakistan’s current economic conditions are worse than 2016.”

For continuity in economic policies, Dr Hussain suggested that the system of caretaker setup, which oversees holding of elections in Pakistan, should be abolished.

He said the powers of the caretaker government should be given to the Election Commission of Pakistan.