Pakistan open for foreign investment in diverse areas: PM

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi addresses the Engineers Convention in Islamabad on November 9, 2017

KARACHI: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Thursday urged the world businessmen and entrepreneurs to benefit from the business-oriented policies of the government as well as investor-friendly environment of Pakistan, which was open for foreign investors in diverse areas.

Addressing the opening ceremony of a four-day “Emerging Pakistan” International Expo here, he said Pakistan being a multi-lingual country, having diverse cultures and presenting greater beauty ranging from the highest mountains to large deserts, offered lot of opportunities to investors.

The Expo organized by the Ministry of Commerce was attended by the companies and entrepreneurs from 85 countries of different regions and continents.

The Prime Minister said with over 200 million population, Pakistan had the highest 8.3% consumer growth and would have over 100 million of middle class by the next few years, adding, the foreign investors and companies currently working in Pakistan were getting the high rates of profits.

“We are open to foreign investment and welcome you,” he said and added, “We expect you all to make Pakistan your home, like others have done”.

About the issues facing the country, the Prime Minister said Pakistan had fought a war against terrorism and had won it, unlike others who failed.

He in this respect referred to the lot of sacrifices and efforts made by Pakistan and said it was unique in the country’s history.

The Prime Minister mentioned that Pakistan had a strengthening democracy and vibrant media.

He also mentioned the improved law and order in Karachi and said this metropolitan city which was being considered as one of the ten dangerous countries of the world few years back was now as safe as New York.

The Prime Minister also spoke of the improved economic statistics and said with a 6% GDP growth target set for FY 2017-18, the country had achieved 5% growth during the last fiscal year. Pakistan had low inflation rates and high levels of foreign investments, he added.

He said Pakistan had sustained policies vis a vis foreign investment, and with the change of government, there was no change in policies.

The Prime Minister thanked the Ministry of Commerce for organizing the Expo, which provided an opportunity to the foreign companies to come to Pakistan and learn about the country’s investment potential. – APP