SC restrains Bahria Town Karachi, MDA from construction work

August 1, 2016

KARACHI: The Supreme Court on Monday ordered Bahria Town Karachi and Malir Development Authority (MDA) to halt the construction work at 5, 786 acres of land with an immediate effect.

In an interim order, the apex court has ruled the land was illegally allotted to Bahria Town by the development authority.

The court also directed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to complete its investigations and submit a report within two months. It also restrained the Sindh government from allotting any further land to Bahria Town.

Reacting to the court's order, Bahria Town Chairman Malik Riaz insisted that the construction activity would continue uninterrupted in Bahria Town Karachi.

"Misreporting of facts regarding Bahria Town Karachi absolutely malicious. SC (Supreme Court) didn't put any restrictions on develop work by Bahria Town," Malik Riaz tweeted.

"Bahria Town will continue all construction-related activities on the consolidated land of 9385 acres. Twisted facts are product of cynical minds.

"We have been facing this mafia from day one and will continue to do so to safeguard development &investment in Pakistan."

Interim order:

The Bahria  Town is restrained from undertaking any  development  activity  in  the  area  demarcated with green colour with black lines on it measuring 244.925 acres and or to deal with this portion of land  with  any  person  or  organization  in  any manner whatsoever.

(ii) The   Bahria   Town   is   further   restrained   from undertaking   any   development   activity   on   the portion marked as “A” with pink colour measuring 386.276  acres,  which  is  not  consolidated  by  the M.D.A,  with  further  restriction  to  deal  with  this portion of the land in any manner whatsoever.

(iii) The  Bahria  Town  is  restrained  from undertaking any development activity on the  area  marked  as “B” with pink colour measuring 1975.059 Acres, which as per survey report has not been consolidated by the  M.D.A and  to  deal  with  the land in any manner whatsoever.

(iv) The   Bahria Town is further restrained from undertaking any  further  development  activity  on the  area  marked  as  “C” with pink colour measuring  410.444  acres and  or  to  deal  with  the land in any manner whatsoever.

(v) The Bahria Town is further restrained from raising any    further  development    activity in area measuring  2771.779  Acres, which has not been consolidated  by  the  M.D.A and  to  deal  with  the land in question in any manner whatsoever

(vi) The  M.D.A is restrained  from  consolidating  any further portion of the private land of the  Bahria Town or any other  private  enterprise under  the CMA.376-K/2014 etc 6 garb  of  exchange  of  land  in  exercise  of their powers conferred on  them  under  the  M.D.A  Act.

;(vii) We   further   restrict   the   Board   of   Revenue, Government of Sindh, from dealing with the land of M.D.A or any other Authority which is subject - matter   of   these   proceedings in   any   manner whatsoever in defiance of the order of this Court passed by a five Member Bench of this Court on 28.11.2012.

(viii) The M.D.A is restrained from dealing with the land which  are  subject - matter  of  survey  report  either with Bahria Town or with any other organization in any manner whatsoever.

(ix) defiance of the interim orders passed herein above by  any  of  the  organization whether public  or private  shall  expose     them  to contempt proceedings.

In   order   to   ensure   that   no   further   construction or development activity is carried out on the land specified hereinabove, we direct the NAB authorities through the Prosecutor General that they should  immediately if possible  by  tomorrow  obtain  google  earth maps/images of the entire land stated to be in possession of the Bahria Town as per the survey report and submit the same for record.

In fact on 28.11.2012, a five member Bench of this Court, has initially passed  an  order  restraining  the  Sindh  Government  from dealing  with  the  State  land, relevant portion  of  which is  reproduced hereunder:- CMA.376- K/2014 etc

7. Under  these  circumstances,  we  are  constrained  to  direct that the Deputy Commissioners/District Coordination Officers  of  Sindh,  to  ensure  that  immediately  the  entire revenue  record  of  all  the  district  is  kept  in  the  custody  of Mukhtiarkar  in  terms  of  the  directives  contained  in  the aforesaid  judgment  of  the  High  Court  and  shall  not  be removed  from  the  office  of  the  Mukhtiarkar  to  any  other place.

Moreover,   mindful   of   rampant   corruption   and organized  crime  of  land  grabbing, particularly, regarding prime   state   land,   and   mismanagement/forgeries   in   the revenue record, we hereby, until further orders restrain the Government/Revenue Department from mutation, allotment, transfer and or conversion of any state land and or keeping any transaction or entry in the record of rights in this regard in revenue record of Sindh or till the entire revenue record in  Sindh  is  reconstructed.

The  conversion  of  lease  for  30 years  or  of  any  term  upto  99  years  shall  also  be  stopped immediately as by this mode the state land is being sold out at  a  throwaway  price  without  participation  of  public  at large, which the law does not permit. Any further conversion or mutation of state land in the record of rights from today onwards  would  be  deemed nullity  and  would  expose  the Deputy  Commissioner/DCO  of  the  relevant  districts/dehs besides others to contempt proceedings.  - SAMAA