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Seven thought provoking statements by Allama Abbas Kumaili

SAMAA | - Posted: Jun 8, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Jun 8, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Seven thought provoking statements by Allama Abbas Kumaili

Allama Abbas Kumaili, a noted Islamic scholar and one-time senator, was known not just as the head of the Jafria Alliance Pakistan but also for his wisdom and knowledge.

The allama passed away on Saturday in Karachi.

SAMAA Digital has compiled a list of some of his most thought-provoking and striking statements.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own ideology but when it is being imposed on others through force, then it paves way for violence and Islam was not spread that way. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) did not spread it that way. He did it with love, compassion and arguments. The sufis also followed the same path. People visit their shrines with respect.
  • They [terrorists] are the enemies of humanity and their agenda is something else. They are using religion for their own motives. Whether their agenda is an external or internal one, they want to break this country and we should be worried about saving the country first.
  • Pakistan has always raised its voice against atrocities being committed against Muslims across the world more than any other Islamic state. We protested against the Babri Mosque incident. Which Arab country raised their voice against it and to what extent?
  • I see that natural disasters are striking areas and innocent people are getting killed. These are signs that the Day of Judgment is close and nature is telling us to realize what is happening. I think that the Muslims of Pakistan should ask for forgiveness for their sins by realizing that death looms over us.
  • We should refrain from the taking lives of other human beings and realize that all of this is happening because of our own deeds.
  • So many terrorist attacks have taken place in Pakistan. I would like to ask the government about the inquiries and investigations taken place about the incidents. What have the commissions done? What about the claims regarding the arrest of terrorists involved in the attacks? The terrorists were arrested and [allowed] to flee.
  • It is the duty of an Islamic country to protect its minorities. I am saddened that he [former federal minister for minority affairs Shahbaz Bhatti] wasn’t given security. He wasn’t given a bulletproof vehicle or a house in the minister’s enclave, which was his right. He should have been given these facilities as he was on the hit list of terrorists.
  • It is not just minorities who are being targeted, many Muslims are also under attack at the moment. These attacks should be stopped rather than issuing condemnation statements.

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