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Sana Safinaz’s solo show at Fashion Week Pakistan was high in spirits, low on fashion

March 13, 2019

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

All eyes were on designers Sana and Sanfinaz as they opened Fashion Week Pakistan 2019 with a solo exhibition Tuesday night.

The brand famous for their fusion work presented their collection under the banner of ‘Message from the East’. It aimed to show how the aesthetics of the west have been woven into the ensembles of the east.

“We want to bring western aesthetics for our local audience. The collection is all about striking a balance between the east and west,” Safinaz Muneer told SAMAA Digital.

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“We have crafted our collection to show the beauty that it brings out when west meets the east,” remarked Sana Hashwani.

Novelty, however, was left behind in the quest of getting the best of both worlds.

The first day of the exhibition brought about a low-key start to the fashion season. The show, which started an hour late, had all the accoutrements of fashion week — from the vibrant red carpet with all the guests glammed up getting their due fame, to a few stunning designs from ace designers.

The designers experimented with sparkling sequins and played with their colour palette. There were solids such as black, maroon, turquoise and purple and pastel floral dresses.

Sana Safinaz managed to put a little bit of everything in their collection, from sequins to tassels and from pearls to dhabka and zardozi.

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

The bling caught our eye for sure, running from shirts to borders and shararas and sprinkled onto a pastel palette that ranged from powder pinks to icy blues, mauves and mint greens. The ensembles were wearable although not particularly unique – then again, uniqueness was not really prevalent in any of the showcases.

A host of celebrities were on the runway as showstoppers to ensure that the show got plenty of hype on social media.

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

Photo: dragonflypakistan\ Instagram

As for the fashion, ‘safe’ would be a good way to describe it. Some of the dresses were safe but pleasant, while others were rather boring.

Most of the dresses were long shirts with a combination of flared and cigarette pants. The floral bridal dresses managed to win us over though.

On the upside, the FPW catwalk was a spotless, shiny, black glass floor with trees set with hues of pink, purple and orange in the backdrop. Nubain Ali acted as the choreographer and Samiya Ansari of SABS adeptly churned out bridal looks backstage.

“This year’s show was more of how to style and how to carry the look,” said PR consultant Tehmina Khalid.

The bridal looks from the collection showcased heavy chokers, bare necks and statement earrings, she said. The Sana Safinaz collection is a style statement which incorporates yesteryear’s greys and splashes it with some new life by putting in florals. “I believe that it is a modern-day trendsetter,” she added.

“With a complete package and putting everything for all, the show was complete in its own,” said Angie Marshall of Angie’s Salon and Institute.

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  1. Avatar
    Dr navid   March 13, 2019 6:39 pm/ Reply

    Wow super presentation

  2. Avatar
    Rabia   March 14, 2019 3:47 am/ Reply

    I loved all dresses.i want to know if we want and how much is it and wht is the prosses

  3. Avatar
    Tayyaba   March 15, 2019 2:52 am/ Reply

    Visit sana safinaz official website. You can buy it’s dresses there. But if you want to buy some bridal dresses you have to contact them. The method will be given on the website.

  4. Avatar
    Anonymous   March 15, 2019 7:25 am/ Reply

    I love our Pakistani designers and actresses. The wish I have is: they could keep their bodies covered. Living in Western country, it contradicts with education that we give to our children.

  5. Avatar
    Fashion   June 11, 2019 5:37 pm/ Reply

    Great Show ,,,,

  6. Avatar
    Dr Shahzaib   August 16, 2019 8:06 am/ Reply

    great show and nice performance
    can you tell me that i want to come in fashion show industry what will be their process?

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