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Italian fitness trainers answer the age-old question: can you really lose weight in 30 days?

SAMAA | - Posted: Mar 30, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Posted: Mar 30, 2019 | Last Updated: 1 year ago
Italian fitness trainers answer the age-old question: can you really lose weight in 30 days?

A lot can happen in a month. You could get engaged, quit your job, win a lucky draw, go on a backpacking trip to Europe or get in shape.

If ‘getting in shape’ is at the top of your wish list, here’s something you need to know: You can’t lose more than a few pounds in 30 days because losing too much weight too fast can harm your body. You can, however, train your body and mind. But it requires motivation and a huge lifestyle change, so no more biryani or nihari.

Your diet plays a big role in setting the path for your weight-loss journey. “Eating the right macronutrient ratio is important,” Claudio De Michele, a certified Italian fitness trainer, told SAMAA Digital.

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Michele and two other certified trainers from Italy have come to Karachi for a 30-day fitness bootcamp, HEAT, which is starting April 1.

Michele said if you want to lose weight, you should be eating 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats. He eats eggs, chicken, fish, low fat cheese, brown rice, brown pasta, sweet potatoes, brown bread, fruits and vegetables. For fats, he has dried fruit, olive oil and avocado in his meals.

He said the real trick is how you cook your food. “We never eat fried stuff, not even on cheat days.”

Fitness expert Federica Scognamiglio spoke about the Keto diet. “For me, the Keto diet just didn’t work,” she said. “I tried going on Keto for a while but it made me put on weight and I had to increase the intensity of my workout,” she explained.

You need to train for your body type. If you’re overweight, a low-intensity workout will reduce fat and help you gain muscle, trainer Arcangelo Gabriele Vigliotti told us. “Similarly, if you are lean and skinny, you need to gain muscle and increase your calorie intake.”

He said it is hard for people who are extremely overweight to train but patience is key. They need to take their workout at a slow pace and understand that they can’t train as vigorously as others, he said.

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Most people make the common mistake of training too much and expecting results in a few weeks, Vigliotti said. But it really depends on what your existing lifestyle is and how much of a transformation you need.

We also asked the experts about spot-reduce fat. While most people think it is a myth, it is possible to lose fat from certain parts of your body, they said. For that, you need a personal trainer and a high intensity athletic training.

It focuses on speed, power and stamina to train your body to efficiently use its energy for maximum results. It builds lean muscle and improves mobility.

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  1. Bobby  March 31, 2019 6:53 pm/ Reply

    The healthy rate is 7 lbs per 30 days, period. For overweight person whose activity is very low, when one start eat less and move more, the rate during first 30 days would be a little bit higher, but don’t expect that you will lose 30 pounds in a month. It’s crazy and unhealthy. Check Simple Weight Loss System by Samuel F. Valle. There is more about what I’m writing here.

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