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Matki chai – the latest craze to take over Karachi dhabas

February 18, 2019
Matki chai – the latest craze to take over Karachi dhabas

Chai is unarguably the most favourite drink of Karachiites and they would go to any length for a different and unique taste.

The latest fad people are going crazy over is ‘matka chai’. Tea Adda is one of the few places that offers matka chai.

It is located in Samanabad. The dhabba was opened last year in August by two friends, Ghalib Ibrahim and Faisal.

Tea leaves, milk and sugar are cooked in a pot. Cinnamon and cardamom are then added for flavour.

It is poured into small earthen pots or matkis that are pre-heated in a tandoor. The piping hot pot brings the tea to boil again. The tea is then poured into a fresh matki and ready to serve.

Tea Adda also offers Kashmiri chai and regular doodh patti. Speaking to SAMAA Digital, Faisal and Ghalib said they were following the traditions of their forefathers who used to eat in pots made out of clay. Using clay pots is good from a hygiene point of view too, they say.


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