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Volkswagen Club of Pakistan may own future vintage gold as Beetle retires

January 12, 2019
Volkswagen Club of Pakistan may own future vintage gold as Beetle retires

Club gives Volkswagen enthusiasts a chance to meet up and exchange notes

German company Volkswagen has said that 2019 will be the last year for the production of its beloved Beetle. This means that the men and women who own them in Karachi could in future be sitting on really valuable vintage pieces.  

Those models went on show recently in Clifton, Karachi by the Volkswagen Club of Pakistan. The club was started in 2013 to bring together Volkswagen enthusiasts and give them a chance to meet up and exchange notes.

“We do this every year like a family,” said founder Asad Ishaque. “We had like-minded friends who would gather in some public place with the cars.” They were a handful at first but have grown to more than 90 cars.

Photo courtesy: Volkswagen Club of Pakistan.

Despite being decades old, these cars are trusted for their sustainability and unique-make even today. But they don’t come cheap.

The owners all said that maintaining a Volks is an expensive hobby especially when it’s not always easy to find spare parts.

Volkswagen has announced it will wrap up production with a pair of final editions of the insect-inspired vehicles.

The curvy-topped sedans, which shook off Nazi origins to become a global auto phenomenon, are being sidelined as Volkswagen focuses on electric cars.


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