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The trailer for this Pakistani Harry Potter spin-off will leave you spellbound

January 5, 2019

Harry Potter has a huge fan following all over the world and Pakistanis are no exception. We already have a Harry Potter themed cafe in Islamabad and plenty of merchandise available for die-hard fans.

But a production house in Lahore has taken their love for Harry Potter to a whole new level by making a Harry Potter fan film.

The film, titled The Last Follower and The Resurrection of Voldemort has just released its trailer and people are amazed at the quality of the effects and filming.

The movie has been filmed at GC University Lahore as Hogwarts and it looks like the real deal.

From the trailer of the film, it looks like it is going to be one action-filled adventure in Pakistani style.

The movie is being produced by Khayaali Production. It makes music videos, short films and documentaries and now it has brought us the first-ever South Asian Harry Potter movie.

The movie is expected to be released sometime this year.


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    Fazlin   January 6, 2019 4:51 pm/ Reply

    Loved it. Waiting for it

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