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Netflix is begging people to stop hurting themselves by doing the Bird Box Challenge

January 3, 2019

Photo: Netflix

People have become absolutely obsessed with Netflix’s latest thriller film, Bird Box. People are even taking their love for the movie so far that Netflix has had to warn viewers not to re-enact the movie in real life.

If you haven’t seen any of the cringe-worthy Bird Box challenge posts on Twitter, you’re not really missing out. In the challenge, Twitter users are actually blindfolding themselves (like Bird Box) while they do anything from laundry to running, and even riding a bicycle.

Once the streaming service became aware of the challenge, it took action.



Netflix has warned the public against participating in the Bird Box challenge, because, according to The Hill, it forces people to rely on their other senses besides sight in order to navigate through situations that require you to use your vision. So, yeah, it’s pretty dangerous, and Netflix wants you to stop.

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Bird Box has exploded in popularity since it was released on Netflix on December 21, being watched by over 45 million accounts in its first seven days.


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