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Emirates shares Pakistani crystal artist’s dazzling artwork of diamond-encrusted jet

December 7 , 2018

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an Emirati Sheikh in possession of a great fortune loves bling. But this Pakistani designer took a love for bling to the next level by creating an image of a diamond-encrusted Emirates jet.

The UAE-based Emirates airline had prospective passengers excited after an image of one of its aircraft went viral on social media.

The much-talked-about post, which the carrier itself shared on its official Twitter page on Wednesday, shows a Boeing 777 plane encrusted with what looks like crystals and diamonds.

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The image was shared by Emirates on its official Twitter account, but it was originally posted on Instagram last Tuesday by Sara Shakeel, a Pakistan crystal artist.

Emirates liked the picture so much that they not only reposted the picture but also upgraded her flight from Pakistan to Milan, stated a Khaleej Times report.

Shakeel is a Pakistan-based artist who ditched a career in dentistry to create contemporary, multi-layered collages that subvert the typical images you’d find in glossy fashion and lifestyle mags. She has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram. Shakeel may not have had any formal art training but then again, but it seems like she didn’t have to.

She is all about conveying emotions and there’s no better to communicate these via the use of shiny, bright and alluring crystals of course (and there are plenty of rainbows in there for good measure).

While many are already in awe of her peculiar work, earlier this month Shakeel also got featured in Forbes magazine for her artwork.


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