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Ellen DeGeneres is returning to stand-up comedy in a new Netflix show

December 5 , 2018

Photo: AFP

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most popular talk show hosts in America, is returning to her stand-up comedy roots in a new special for Netflix.

The show, Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable, will be hitting our computer screens on December 18 and marks DeGeneres’ first comedy special since 2003.

In the new trailer, DeGeneres discusses how her life has changed so much in the last decade and a half that being “relatable” might be hard for her.

“I have an issue with all the emotional support animals that people are flying with now. You’re walking down the aisle to your seat, which is 10B or whatever it is, it’s like Noah’s Ark: There’s a woman with a ferret; there’s a man with a mongoose; there’s a lady with a donkey.”

The punchline then shows DeGeneres knows she’s no longer one of the little people. “I say 10B — does the plane go back that far? I’ve never been back there.”


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