Take a look inside The Nest — a house in Multan could easily pass as a museum

November 10, 2018

When most people go on vacation, they pick up a souvenir or two but one couple in Multan has taken their hobby to a whole new level. 

Dr Shagufta Faraz and her husband Dr Faraz Ahmed have a huge assortment of trinkets they have collected from around the world and displayed at their house, which is called The Nest.

The ornate front door has masks and other etchings attached to it, making you feel as if you're entering a heritage museum. Even walking down the hallway takes you on a cultural tour.

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The kitchen is another masterpiece. Instead of the usual pots and pans you find a colourful display of collectibles, table mats, chair covers, flower pots and vases in every shape imaginable.

The Nest is also home to paintings, pictures, sculptures, lamps, intricate artwork, flowers, show pieces and other souvenirs from around the world, in all shapes, sizes and colours. It also has very unique wood hangings.

The bedroom looks like a set from a movie with its blue-themed show pieces, cushions and lamps. Two huge wooden shelves are covered with hundreds of souvenirs that the couple have collected from different places around the world.

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The couple also have their own sculptures in the house. One wall in their house is covered with pictures taken on their various trips.

Dr Shagufta said she has tried to collect souvenirs as a memory of every place she has visited.

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