Social media stars Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy are engaged

November 8, 2018

Social media sensation Ehtesham Idrees, better known as Sham Idrees, recently got engaged to his on-screen partner popularly known as Queen Froggy. They also revealed her real name — Seher.

Both stars are popular for their YouTube Vlogs. Idrees has also sang a few songs. He released his debut record in summer 2012 with single ‘Bolo Na’ which topped the UK Asian charts. Froggy is a social media celebrity with 515,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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The two have been acting together for a long time in their comedic videos and Vlogs. The duo took to social media to express their happiness and also shared a video in which Sham is proposing to Froggy at a restaurant.

Froggy shared a picture of the two, expressing her joy at being engaged to her best friend.

Sham shared a message asking fans to say a prayer for them.

Earlier, the two had trolled their fans about getting married, so fans are hoping this time it’s real and not a prank.