Islam saved me from many falls, says AR Rahman

November 6, 2018

Photo: AFP

Oscar-winning music composer, AR Rahman credits Islam for the success he has received in his life. At the launch event of his biography, he revealed how curious people often ask him if Islam would do the same for them.

“It is not about converting or not. It’s whether you find the spot, whether it presses that button in you. So for me the spiritual teachers, the Sufi teachers taught me and my mom things which are very special which in many faiths are there. So this is the faith that we took and we stand by it,” shares the singer at the launch ceremony of Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of AR Rahman.

“It saved me from many falls because between every prayer there is ‘Oh! I have to do the prayer so I can’t do this mischief’. So the evening prayer is gonna come so then I can’t do. So it covers you and a sense of peace comes in early morning…in other faiths too.”

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While speaking about his biography, the music maestro said, “Notes of a Dream has been a journey for me that took me to those corners of my life which have remained candid for a long time. The insightful conversations with Krishna Trilok have unravelled parts of my creative and personal life which are not known to many.”


Written by author Krishna Trilok, in association with Landmark and Penguin Random House, his biography was launched on Sunday.


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