Iran’s ‘rent-a-Trump’ helps with humour amid US sanctions

November 5, 2018

These are tough times for Iran as the US imposed its hardest sanctions on the country Monday—but there was some comic relief amid the protests. 

Thousands of Iranians marched through Tehran on Sunday, chanting “Death to America”. At a smaller Student Day rally, people were amused to come across a stage with a Trump impersonator. He was wearing a “blonde wig, red tie, and ill-fitting blue suit”, as described on Instagram by an Al Jazeera journalist Zein Basravi.

“Somehow, an unwitting President Trump had ended up at the wrong rally—one in Tehran instead of an American city,” Basravi posted. “As he smiled and waved at passing traffic and worked the crowd like it was a campaign rally, someone stepped on to the stage, told him where he was and turned to the audience who began to shout,‘Death to America’.” Once he realised where he was, the Iranian rent-a-Trump screamed and ran off stage much to the audience’s delight.

The protests were held against the US administration’s decision to bring back sanctions that it had removed under the nuclear deal in 2015 under President Obama.


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