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Final season of Game of Thrones to premiere in April

November 14 , 2018

Photo: Game of Thrones

The final season of Game of Thrones will premier in April 2019, HBO confirmed.

Winter had arrived in Westeros, but the wait seems eternal for the fans of the fantasy series.

The final season will consist of just six episodes, each reportedly being feature-length or close to feature-length in runtime

Season 7 ended in August 2017 with an ice dragon and White Walkers taking down the Wall.

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The gigantic cast list for the show has been expanding every season since the beginning and even more, faces are being added for season eight. According to Watchers on the Wall, a fan website, the first major casting for season eight has been made for a character called Harry Strickland, who, in the books, is the leader of a mercenary group called The Golden Company. German actor Marc Rissman (from Into The Badlands) will be playing Strickland.

Eight new people have been cast in the show and, guessing by the generic titles, these could be more battle fodder amid the on-going war.


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