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#MeToo: Emraan Hashmi to include sexual harassment clause in his contracts

October 11 , 2018

In an attempt to stop sexual harassment on his movie sets, Indian actor Emraan Hashmi said that he will include a sexual harassment clause in his company contracts.

Emran Hashmi, who is known for his bold scenes in Bollywood movies, said that “such clauses are already in contracts in several industries, including MNCs. No film production company has enforced it so far.

In my company at least, it will include both male and female cast and crew members,” the Chocolate actor told Mumbai Mirror.

“With the #MeToo movement that started a decade ago, picking up steam in the West last year, and inching towards India, with someone being ousted almost every hour on the social media, such clauses have become imperative,” he added.

A new wave of #MeToo movement as taken over India as women have accused many prominent personalities, including Alok Nath, Nana Patekar, Kailash Kher, Vikas Bahl, of sexual harassment.


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