Manto’s daughters to attend the release of their father’s biopic in India

September 14, 2018

Photo: Cannes Film Festival ‘Manto’

The filmmaker behind Manto, Nandita Das, has invited the daughters of Pakistani writer Saadat Hasan Manto to Mumbai for the release of their father’s biopic movie.

Manto is a biographical account of the life of the Pakistani author and playwright. Directed by Das, it is slated for release on September 21.

The family plans to travel to India for the release but quotes attributed to Nuzhat Manto by an Indian publication DNA have been disputed by Mohammad Farooq, Manto’s grandson.

He clarified that his mother never spoke to any media organisation regarding their plans to travel to India. He confirmed that Das invited the family for the release and that they are travelling to India but said there their visas are currently being processed.

“What transpired is best left unanswered. I wouldn’t take it further,” said Farooq on Twitter.