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Karachi diner ‘Easy’ invents Slims dust and Sriracha glazed doughnuts and my diet just died

SAMAA | - Posted: Sep 20, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Posted: Sep 20, 2018 | Last Updated: 2 years ago
Karachi diner ‘Easy’ invents Slims dust and Sriracha glazed doughnuts and my diet just died

The doughnuts are so good you won't ever need to leave Pakistan


Maha Jawed of Easy. Photo: Easy

If you are a true Karachi-wallah you will know Slims chili chips. Now imagine someone has come along and created Slims dust.

That person is Maha Jawed, and she can take all my money. She is a Cordon Bleu chef who has just opened a diner called ‘Easy’ at Shahbaz Commercial off 26th street in Karachi. And on her menu is this magical item called the Karachi dog: It is a tandoori-battered beef hot dog with garlic mayo, masala cheese and it is sprinkled with crushed Slims. Sheer genius. (And no, just because you sprinkled Slims on your khao-suey doesn’t qualify.) 

I haven’t had the hot dog yet. You know how you can get too excited to actually bring yourself to do something? But I have tried the doughnuts and if you haven’t already, the government needs to put you in jail for a major offense. Maha Jawed’s doughnuts make the ones at Dunkin’ Donuts (no offense) feel like chewing rubber, the kind on a Honda 70cc bike after it’s been through SITE. 

The magic is in the dough, which is fluffy and airy, not dense and yeasty. But the real joy is her combination of flavours: Rose & Pistachio, Raspberry Sriracha, Mocha-Almond crumble… crème brûlée. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE…

I would also recommend the divine ricotta pizza. You will never order any other pizza ever again. And if you do, you will never like the stringy congealed cheese. Easy’s pizzas are perfection because their cheese comes to you melted just the right amount. They also use high quality ingredients. I am convinced that there are little cheese elves in the kitchen.

The only problem with Easy is that the doughnuts can run out because the demand is so high. These are serious doughnuts. They have office hours and are available only from midday onwards.

I should also point out that the diner is a small space and it can get a bit noisy. Children are generally well-behaved when they come here. It is the adults who can be louder. I’d recommend getting seating away from the end where the bathroom is located because the sliding door can be a bit irritating as it exposes the innards of the toilet. The music is fantastic (and I wager a special mix prepared for Easy) but it can be a bit loud at times.

Do try the Rose Lemonade just because it comes in cool bottles and makes you feel abroadian drinking them. It actually delivers a solid arq-e-ghulab style hit as well, which can either be overpowering or nostalgically remind you of your Naani’s religious preferences.

A tiny word of advice: if you’re on a date, don’t get the mini burgers, but if you do, keep some floss or a toothpick handy because while the buns are fantastic, they get a bit sticky. Also, the pizza has mounds of hidden garlic. And no amount of teeth brushing will suffice.

Review by M. Maher.

You can get more details at their Facebook page:
(Photos taken from their Facebook page)

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