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‘Kabhi Hum Bhe Khoobsurat Thay’ highlights the lost beauty of Karachi’s old buildings

September 6 , 2018

The lost beauty of old buildings in Saddar, Keamari and the MA Jinnah Road area was highlighted at a solo painting exhibition titled ‘Kabhi Hum Bhe Khoobsurat Thay’ at the Stars Club in Karachi.

Artist Nadira Athar said the buildings in the paintings were chosen because they required urgent restoration as they are in a rundown state. The paintings aimed to draw attention to the dilapidated condition of these buildings that were once part of the city’s attractions for their architecture and grandeur.

She requested the authorities concerned to restore these buildings to their original condition so future generations can also get a chance to see these historical monuments.

Karachi has been home to a number of architectural wonders that are centuries-old. Many of these pre-Partition buildings are now in ruins due to the negligence of authorities.


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