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Will tiny books help us read more? John Green thinks so

August 8, 2018

Photo: courtesy Washington Post

After miniature food videos, it’s time for miniature books. The good news is they are more tangible than bite-sized cupcakes. And the pioneer of these tiny books is bestselling young adult author John Green.

One of Green’s most popular books, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, will be released in October in a miniature format, the Washington Post reported. The book will have the same content and word count but will be smaller in size. In fact, it will be around the size of a smartphone. The design will be horizontal, like that of children’s picture books, where pages are lifted and turned over.

Green first saw mini books in Netherland and was very impressed. Referred to as ‘Flipbacks’ or ‘Dwarsliggers,’ he found the tiny format both usable and super-portable. Young people, according to Green, might benefit more since they are not so rigid in their habits of how they interact with books.

In a time when attention spans are short and distractions from phones and technology are plenty, Green believes kids are still reading. Maybe pocketing a book like a phone will help both adults and kids in the future.


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