This Eid, Karachi’s Askari Amusement Park is your place to unwind

June 17, 2018

For a thrilling and adventurous break from the usual Eid celebrations, look no further than Karachi’s Askari Amusement Park.

Located at Old Sabzi Mandi, the park offers a number of rides: Roller-Coaster, Wind-Fire Wheel, Pendulum, Free-Fall Tower, Flying Chair, Ferris Wheel, Ferris Wheel Car, Pirate Ship, Energy Storm, Caterpillar Train, Luxury Carousel, Self-Control Honeybee, Self Control Plane, Wheel Dance, Mini Roller coaster, Shark Island War, Jumping Machine, Motor Racing Car, Frog Jump and Happy Swing.

It seems to be an ideal place to unwind for children and adults alike.

“I enjoyed the rides and then had ice-cream,” said one child. “It was so much fun that I don’t want to go back!” Another child said she enjoyed screaming on the rides.

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