SAMAA helps parents talk to children about abuse

June 20, 2018

Children are especially vulnerable to sexual abuse in societies that blame the victim and uphold notions of shame and misplaced honour. SAMAA TV has created two characters, Tinkoo and Tina, to have these difficult conversations. They discuss how children should react when someone tries to sexually abuse them.

Tina: No one should be able to harm us.

Tinkoo: We should have positive feelings when people meet us and touch us. For example, hugging friends or sitting in your grandparent’s lap.

Tina: There’s also bad touch. Some people touch children secretly. They tell children to keep it a ‘secret’. Such a touch evokes negative feelings, such as anger, shame or fear.

Tinkoo: We should never hide such things. We should say out loud, “Do not touch me,” and run away to tell our mother, father or teacher.

Tina and Tinkoo: They know that it’s never our fault. Say it out loud with us: “We will say it. We will say it.”

*This is a public service message from SAMAA TV courtesy Rozan.

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