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Reham Khan accuses Hamza Ali Abbasi of threatening her

June 2 , 2018

Reham Khan has claimed that anchorperson Hamza Ali Abbasi has been threatening since the past year.

“Hamza has been emailing me threats since August 2017,” she tweeted. “Bullies trying to silence me.”

“Hamza Abbasi claims he has read manuscript when it’s not been published? Only possible through fraud or theft.”

She “thanked” the “social media mafia” for promoting her book on social media websites.

Hamza Ali Abbasi  has claimed that Reham Khan wrote ill of Imran Khan, his family and the party’s sit-in in Islamabad.

“The conclusion of the book is that Imran Khan is the worst person and she (Reham Khan) is the best woman on this earth,” Abbasi said.

He claimed that not a single publisher was willing to publish her book due to lack of evidence.

“She will be self-publishing the book,” he said. “When you go to a publisher then you have to provide evidences regarding what you have written.”


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