Offensive Peshawar tourist films Kalash women despite protests in viral video

June 19, 2018

As summer approaches, people head to the northern areas to enjoy the weather and view—and in one chappie's case it was the local women.

On Tuesday a video went viral of a tourist filming women in the Kalash Valley despite their repeated calls for him to stop. It is not clear when the video was shot. When the women try to hide their faces and threaten to call the police, the man identifies himself as a police officer from Peshawar. “I’m in the police. Come here see my ID card,” he says.

The man, whose face is clearly visible for a while in the video, repeatedly asks the women to take a picture with him.

While condemning the incident, Rehmat Levak, a social worker from the Kalash Valley, said the people of Kalaash always welcome tourists. However, at times domestic tourists misbehave with women, said Rehmat. “They always want to take selfies with them and if they refuse then tourists misbehave with them,” he added.

According to SAMAA correspondent Fayyaz Ahmed, Chitral Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar has taken notice of the incident. An FIR was registered against the man on Wednesday.

Tourists often fail to realise that they must respect the places they visit and their people and culture.

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