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Lost and found bag: ISPR DG shows Pakistan the power of Twitter

June 11, 2018

Army spokesperson Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor showed the country how social media can be used in a “correct, responsible and purposeful” way.

It began with a video of Shabbir Hussain that the ISPR director-general tweeted. The young man in the video talks about how he had lost his bag at Chilas. He pleads to anyone who finds the bag to return it to him as it contained his books and documents required for his father’s treatment.

“I’m a student and the bag contains some of my university books along with all the transcripts from Matriculation till University,” he says. “More importantly, my father has been getting treatment for his brain tumor. All his documents related to his service in the Army along with his medical reports are in that. I have to go back to Combined Military Hospital, Rawalpindi in July for my father’s treatment. Without those documents, my father won’t get any treatment.”

Two hours later, the bag was found. Maj Ghafoor thanked “all Pakistanis including media”.

He retweeted his tweet of thanks and said: “Yes, this is power of Media and social media. That’s the correct, responsible and purposeful utility. That’s the requirement. Let’s utilise it positively for a well aware and strong Pakistan. Thank you.”


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