Jackie Chan’s daughter claims to be homeless due to ‘homophobic’ parents

May 2, 2018

“We’ve been homeless for a month due to homophobic parents. We pretty much slept under a bridge and other things,” says Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter in a recent video uploaded on YouTube. 

Etta Ng Chok Lam, Jackie Chan’s love child, has claimed that her parents have forced the couple onto the streets after finding out about their relationship.

Etta is dating Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn.

Etta says in the video that she’s asked her friends for help but everyone keeps on suggesting the couple move to shelters. According to her, that’s not a viable option.

“Everyone just keeps sending us to the directions of shelters, where they know we will be split up.”

Etta says in the video that the friend helping them out could no longer do so hence she had turned to the internet to seek help.

“We don’t know the next time we will have Internet access so we might be off the grid for a while. All I know is that our love is stronger than this but we are getting tired of it. No one we know, family, friend or government services will help,” she says.

Various media reports have claimed that Etta’s mother was a beauty queen who met Hollywood star Jackie Chan in 1998. Chan has acknowledged his affair with Etta’s mother and described it as a ‘serious mistake’.

Etta has criticised her father in the past and said that he hadn’t played any role in her life.

“I have no feelings for him,” she said in 2015. “He is my biological father, but he is not in my life.”

Jackie Chan has not reacted to the video.