Video: Syed Noor, Saima finally address separation rumours

February 15, 2018

LAHORE: Pakistani director Syed Noor and his wife Saima denied rumours that they were separating from each other. 

Syed Noor said in the video message that normally him and his wife keep away from such rumours on social media since he considers them below his dignity to answer.

"However, a couple of websites and channels on social media ran this shameless and baseless news that God forbid we were separating," he said. "However, this is untrue and completely false."

Syed Noor warned that if the channel and website that circulated the news on social media did not tender an unconditional apology, then he would sue them.

"Sam is with me and will remain with me for the rest of my life," he said. "She was very hurt and I wanted her to appear in this video since she never appears on TV or social media over tiny issues," he said.

Saima said that she was hurt and disappointed with the fake news that was trending on social media about the couple.

"Me and my husband are very happy and we will always remain together," she said. "There is no truth to these low, below-the-belt rumours," she added.