Hamza Ali Abbas slams ‘pathetic’ Padman ban

February 13, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Film and TV star Hamza Ali Abbasi has lashed out at the Central Board of Film Censors for its ban on Bollywood film Padman.

Akshay Kumar’s starrer Padman, which has been released in as many as 50 countries, won’t be releasing in Pakistan. According to exhibiters, the film has been denied a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) due to its subject which is still considered a taboo.

“So our Censor Board allowed Padmavat which portrays Sultan Allaudin Khilji as a nymphomaniac barbarian & banned #Padman which gives much needed awareness abt menstrual hygiene! I am known as a wannabe Mullah & even i find it pathetic… Grow up Censor Board!,” Hamza Ali Abbasi tweeted.

Abbasi is not the first Pakistani celebrity to speak out against the ban on Padman.

Sanam Saeed also condemned the ban.

She sarcastically remarked that we shouldn’t share the story of a man who changed lives of women just “because it has something to do with #MenstrualHygiene”.

She wrote:”A man changed the lives of women across India, he made them aware of their unhygienic practices. He found a way to provide them with affordable sanitary napkins. But let’s not share that story because it has something to do with #MenstrualHygiene. Tobah! # padman #menstrualman,” she wrote on Twitter.