Rapid fire with the main leads of “Maan Jao Naa”

January 18, 2018

By Syeda Sarah Hasan

Coke studio famed singer Adeel Chaudhry is set to make his debut in Pakistani Cinema with the Iranian beauty, a model and an actress Naaz Norouzi.

"Maan Jao Naa" is an upcoming movie, directed by Aabis Raza, produced by Muhammad Khalid and written by Asma Nabeel and Raza Firdousi.

The main cast of the movie includes Adeel Chaudhry and Naaz Norouzi, other leading stars are the young and talented Hajra Yameen, Ayaz Samoo, Ghana Ali and Naeem Haq. Renowned senior actors  including Asif Raza Mir, Nayyar Ejaz and Asma Abbass are also part of the movie.The very popular Ali Gul Pir also makes a special appearance in the film.

Adeel Chaudhry and Naaz Norouzi discussed their experience while working in the flick and had an interesting rapid fire round with Samaa TV.