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These 10 Instagram pics prove Mehwish Hayat can pull off any pose…

January 6, 2018

Mehwish Hayat is one of the most glamorous actresses of this generation and has worked wonders for the Pakistani film industry in just a short time span. One look at the actress’ Instagram account and you’ll be bewitched by her beauty, elegance and casual attitude. 

Here are 10 Instagram pictures that leave us convinced that the actress can certainly pull off any pose with elegance and ease…

1. The ‘Badass Bride’ pose

We’re quite sure no bride can pull that off, to perfection that is!

2. The ‘larger than life’ pose

Nothing like a three feet jump in the air to drive home the point that you’re having the time of your life!

3. The ‘cute’ pose

Isn’t this probably the most cutest picture you’ve seen all day?

4. The ‘Just-got-out-of-bed’ pose 

Has anyone ever looked this good just after they got up from a deep night’s slumber?

5. When she lets the collar bone do the talking…

Mehwish Hayat looks extremely elegant in this picture that captures the soft side to her.

6. The ‘Boss’ look

If you thought Ajay Devgan was the only one who could pull off the boss look from Company, think again. We’re sure our very own Mehwish Hayat would do splendid in a similar avatar.

7. The ‘Mirror selfie’ pose

The black-and-white image does nothing to dim the overall feel of the image as Mehwish still looks stunning posing in front of a mirror.

8. The Adorable pose 1

We simply can’t decide who’s more adorable in this picture–Mehwish Hayat or her pets?

9. The adorable pose 2

This picture of Mehwish Hayat and her nephew is proof that she’s one doting aunt who loves her family more than anything else in the world.

10. The casual pose

The way she slays this one, we just couldn’t leave this one out, could we?


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