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Justice League : Even the Animated Series has better plots!

SAMAA | - Posted: Nov 30, 2017 | Last Updated: 4 years ago
Posted: Nov 30, 2017 | Last Updated: 4 years ago


By Omair Alavi

DC’s search for a perfect Superhero film once again hits a wall with the release of Justice League, the film that could have changed the game for both Warner Bros and DC. Thanks to Zack Snyder and his persistence with mediocrity, not even the might of Superman and Batman combined with that of others could save the film from turning out to be a disaster. Add to it the shockingly less runtime and you are left wondering whether you were watching a TV series or a low-budget Hollywood film!


The Good

There is hardly anything worth mention except the ‘Do You Bleed’ recall that happens somewhere in the film; the villain is virtually unknown and uninteresting, the graphics and CGI are worse than the movies of the ‘80s and there more dialogues in the entire film than punches or use of superpower – that could be good in a drama but not in a Justice League film! The only time The Flash runs, you smile because that is better in so many ways than the slow-mo running in the TV series. The rest of the actors share the screen but with it, their characters don’t get established like it should have.


The Bad

DC tries to go the Marvel way by inserting some jokes here and there, make The Flash as irritating as he could be and bring back the actors from the previous flicks. However, none of these factors had a soul and every move took the film backward. The villain Steppenwolf’s inability to do anything in the climax, the ‘Martha’ type entry of another non-superhero character, as well as the no-direction, resulted in the film’s failure at the box office. Why did DC have mid-credit and post-credit sequences when a few years back Christopher Nolan bashed Marvel for their signature style … because the makers behind this awful film know that Marvel knows how to package a film and they don’t. This film had such a bad impact on die-hard DC fans who didn’t admit that they had seen the film, till it was unbelievably late!


The Verdict 2/5

If you have read the Superman Comics or seen the Justice League animated series, you will know that Starcrossed had a better plot than this Zack Snyder attempt. The director should quit the DC Universe and if his name even appears as an Executive Producer in the next film, people will think twice before going to the cinema. One of the major reasons for Justice League’s failure is, however, the grandness of Thor Ragnarok that was released a couple of weeks before the flick and is still running in Pakistani cinemas. When a superhero film comes after another, it either goes up, up and away or down, down and below. Sadly, up, up and away is not the right option here.


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