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Coke Studio releases 6th episode

September 15 , 2017



 Produced & Directed by Strings

Music Directed by Salman Ahmad

Composed by Salman Ahmad

Lyrics by SabirZafar& Salman Ahmad

With the force of 7 female voices singing, this rendition of GhoomTaana is emotionally-stirring piece that siphons the musical energies of Salman Ahmad in it’s truest form. Laced with his signature guitar tones and musicality, the song is an appeal to light in the time of darkness. MominaMustehsan’s sweet, crystalline tone paired with the incredible chorus of the young girls from Irteassh create an anthem for the ages.


Produced & Directed by Strings

Music Directed by Strings

Composed by Strings

Lyrics by SabirZafar& Natasha Khan

 An innovative original arrangement by Strings, YoSoch is a song about the coming together of two worlds. Narrated by two beaus, the song draws inspiration from classic jazz and the theatrics of musicals. Embellished with a poignant sitar and a melancholic piccolo, the song stars Ali Zafar and Natasha Khan as they push the boundaries of language, sound and love. Khan’s poised and delicate voice is a perfect combination with Zafar’s emotive vocals make for a beautiful soundscape of the rollercoaster of love, longing and desire.

Kaatay Na Katay

 Produced & Directed by Strings

Music Directed by Ali Hamza

Originally Composed by NisarBazmi

Lyrics by Saifuddin Saif & Ali Hamza

Rock meets semi-classical in this exhilarating audio-visual experience as this trio of powerhouses take the stage. Bursting at the seams with energy, Kaatay Na Katay features HumeraArshad, Rachel Viccaji&AimaBaig. With this stellar trifecta of vocal innovation, Ali Hamza sculpts an innovative blend of instrumentation and musical styles. AimaBaig brings her youthful spunk to the forefront teaming up with Rachel Viccaji’s cool, raspy vocals to bring the drive and powerful rock element. Juxtaposed with this intensity, HumeraArshad creates space of her own with her signature semi-classical vocals steering the song into a truly traditional realm. Complete with a mandolin solo, big drums and a vibrant energy, Ali Hamza masterfully creates a larger than life rendition with a collection of some of the most versatile voices in the industry today.

 Dam Mast Qalandar

 Produced & Directed by Strings

Music Directed by ShujaHaider

Originally Composed by FarrukhFateh Ali

Lyrics by Bari Nizami

 What is a dhamaal without a solid groove? ShujaHaider paints this evergreen kalaam with fresh, vibrant colors through a tight percussive section and warm, grooving bass.Jabar Abbas’s pristine timbre and lush modulations woven with UmairJaswal’s textured vocal stylings makes for the perfect ingredients for this emotional, high-energy rendition. The goonj of the percussions finds itself resonating with the urgent pounding of the heart as an anthemic chorus of humnawa and backing vocalists color the soundscape with the drive of the kalaam. With a playful pocket and an intricately designed arrangement, the rendition serves to elevate its listeners to another realm.


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