Bollywood actor Bobby Darling fears her husband might get her killed

September 12, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

NEWS DESK: Famous reality show star and actress Bobby Darling aka Pakhi has recently been in the limelight after accusing her husband Ramnik Sharma of domestic violence. She claims to have been beaten so badly that her speech has gone slurry and her left hand won’t move properly. Even after constantly pleading her husband, things are still awry between them, reported Misskyra. The actress soon fled to Mumbai from her marital home in Bhopal, to escape the torture.

When contacted by the media she said, “I just want divorce. I have a feeling he would kill me if I will go with him again or get me killed and prove it’s a natural death of mine. I have a very strong doubt and I don’t trust him anymore now. OmSaiRam bless me please.”

Upon further inquisition, she added, “If he still loves me then he should return my Bhopal Penthouse and SUV car and Mumbai 1 Room kitchen flat back to me and mutual divorce. I want all my hard earned money with which I bought both properties and SUV car back peacefully. If he claims that he bought these two properties and SUV car on his own then ask him to provide you with all proofs and banks transactions.

“I bought Mumbai 1 Room kitchen flat in 2003 with my hard earned money when my name was Pankaj Sharma. I have all solid proofs of buying both my properties and SUV car.”

She further added, “I am not satisfied with Bhopal Police progress I think they are favoring Ramnik Sharma and protecting him. I messaged Yogesh Chaudhary (IG of Bhopal Police) too and requested and pleaded him to arrest Ramnik Sharma and do a proper investigation and tell Ramnik to provide all proofs of buying both properties and car. But they are reacting very slowly and the progress is not satisfactory.”

She also sent a text to Yogesh Chaudhary. Here are some excerpts:

“Hi Mr Yogesh Chaudhary it’s me Bobby Darling (Bollywood films n Reality show Biggboss sensational celebrity and TV serials actress). my name is Pakhi Sharma after marriage. …I got married to Ramnik Sharma of Kolar road House no 2 Krishna homes opposite Sagar Enclave, Kolar Road. I had a complaint FIR registered against him n his mother Raj Kumari Sharma n brother Lalit sharma…complaint n FIR I hv done in Delhi Shalimarbagh where my parents live regarding a big fraud of my property in Bhopal Signature Residency near JK hospital Kolar road n 1 flat of Mumbai in Andheri West which I bought wid my hard earned money done by him wid me n of domestic violence threatens n beaten by him number of times. ..sending u copies of FIR done against Ramnik Sharma n his family (my husband) in delhi…please consider my matter seriously n take immediate action against Ramnik Sharma his mother Raj Kumar Sharma n brother Lalit Sharma. Please help me urgently he has threatened to kill me n get me killed by gurgaon bhai Nitin. If u will solve my case in best way u can it will be a misaal (example)kaayam karegi for all women who r victimised like me n also for all transgender community all over India n also in world…”

Bobby also sent emails to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan.