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Happy Birthday Deeba

August 1 , 2017


By: Omair Alavi

Many actresses in Pakistan have had a great career in films but not many have been able to deliver hits with all the leading men of her era like Deeba Begum. She was at ease working with the top 3 actors of her time – Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali and Nadeem – and even in the 80s and 90s, kept herself associated with films as character actor. Let’s celebrate her birthday by going down the memory lane and listening to some of her memorable songs from the golden years of Pakistani cinema. Enjoy!

Tumhi ho Mehboob Mere – Aaina

This was one of the first films where Mohammad Ali was used as a leading man (after Shararat) and it became a huge hit thanks to its soundtrack and acting. This version of the song by Irene Parveen is still famous after 50 years, proving that good music never gets old.

Sun Le O Jaan e Wafa – Sangdil


Deeba was again the leading lady when the East Pakistan star Nadeem performed in his first West Pakistan film – all the songs in the film were super hits especially this version of Sun Le O Jaan e Wafa by Mala Begum who kept lending her voice for Deeba in many films.

Ae Be Kason Ke Wali – Behen Bhai

There were multiple version of this Hamd in the film with Talat Siddiqui, Deeba and Nadeem singing it in different times. This version by Deeba united her to one of her brothers Ejaz and was pivotal to the story as it got played at climax as well.

Bohat Yaad Aayenge – Anila

Nadeem and Deeba have a long list of duets that they performed during their careers but this one takes the cake as it is not only a romantic number  but also treated as a tragic one later in the film.

Unki Nazron Se  – Hum Dono

Deeba ‘s popularity was at its peak when Runa Laila lent her vocals for this ghazal, and even after  decades, it is still as fresh as it was at the time of its release.

Tujh ko Basaya Hai – Ghar Damaad

This version of Summer Wine was Easternized through the vocals of Ahmed Rushdi and Runa Laila; Kamal and Deeba film it well to make it an evergreen classic!

Jaise Taise Beet Gaya Din – Ishara

Deeba sings this number along with Waheed Murad; they both are shown to be talking as well as singing at the same time. The idea was way ahead of its times but the expressions given by the leading lady never go out of fashion.

Tere Bina Yoo – Aansoo

A classic tragedy song filmed on Deeba was nothing short of a delight. The song went onto clinch the trophy of Best Song in that year’s Nigar Awards as well!

Kis Ne Tora Hai Dil – Rangeela

And there is an item number type song in which the heroine dances her heart out but not for her man. Sung by Mala, this song remains popular even today because sorrow never goes out of fashion.

Pyar To Ik Din Hona Tha – Kharidar

In her final days as leading lady, Deeba continued to deliver hits despite the arrival of younger actresses. Here, she lip syncs Naheed Akhtar and dances all the way with her frequent collaborator Waheed Murad who seems on top of his game.



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