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REVIEW: Latest GoT episode is a taste of the great war to come

SAMAA | - Posted: Jul 24, 2017 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
Posted: Jul 24, 2017 | Last Updated: 3 years ago
REVIEW: Latest GoT episode is a taste of the great war to come


By Shahjahan Khurram

Game of Thrones’ fans were generally disappointed with the latest season’s first episode since it did not contain any action. However, blood spills in the second episode along with plenty of action for viewers to enjoy. Here’s a brief recap of what went down in Stormborn.

The Mother of Dragons and the King in the North–will they form an alliance?


At the behest of Melisandre–the red priestess who led Stannis to his utter ruin but also brought back Jon Snow to life, Khaleesi agrees to send a raven to the former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch to request a meet.

However, she doesn’t plan on being all lovey dovey with Jon. Khaleesi tells Tyrion to pen the letter and urge Jon to ‘bend the knee’ when he meets her at Dragonstone.

On the other hand, Jon receives the letter from Tyrion and much to the disappointment of his followers, decides to venture out to Dragonstone. Jon realizes he’s alone in the North and without allies as well as Dragon Glass, the Northerners are sitting ducks for the Army of the Dead.


Snow leaves for Dragonstone with Ser Davos but not before leaving the North into the hands of Sansa Stark and giving out a stern warning to Petyr Baelish.

Beset with problems, the Queen looks to the Lords of Westeros

Queen Cersi is certainly beset with problems–not only has Daenerys Targaryen landed on her shores with a vicious Dothraki hoard at her back, but also a decent fleet and three ferocious dragons that can decimate any army from the skies.


However, the queen regent is cunning as ever and has plans of her own for the foreign invaders. While her brother Jaime is trying to fortify her defenses, she’s having huge arrows made with giant propellers to stick it to Khaleesi’s dragons as they attempt to breathe fire at King’s Landing.

Arya Stark’s quest gets interrupted with a bolt from the blue

Arya Stark wasn’t expecting much from a supper conversation with Hot Pie–her fat friend who is a baker–whom she finally meets after a couple of years. Hot Pie notices the change in Arya from the young, sweet girl to the numb assassin that she has now become.


The conversation takes a rather startling turn when Hot Pie informs her that her brother is no longer on The Wall as a crow.

“He won the Battle of the Bastards against Ramsey and is now recognised as the King in the North,” he says.

Arya devours the news–with the food that Hot Pie has made for her–and apparently sets on horseback to meet Jon.

Yara Greyjoy loses her brother–and a lot more

Yara Greyjoy was commanding an impressive fleet with Ellaria Sand on board as well as her brother Theon Greyjoys. The Greyjoys were on their way to attack Casterly Rock in a move to inflict a psychological blow to the Lannisters, oblivious to one coming onto their path.


Euron, their uncle, came out of nowhere with his fleet and practically destroyed Yara Greyjoy’s ships and plenty of Dornish soldiers meant to lay waste to Casterly Rock. Yara and Ellaria Sand were spared from the slaughter–right after Theon Greyjoy deserted his sister in her time of need like a coward.

What’s to come? 

The tide has certainly turned in Cersei Lannister’s favour. Much, if not all, of Khaleesi’s ships have been destroyed by Euron Greyjoy. Casterly Rock is safe and with one battle won, the Lords of Westeros will certainly flock to the Lannisters’ fold.

Sansa and Arya, Jon’s half-sisters, will both be in for a tough time as he departs for Dragonstone to forge new alliances. For one, Sansa will not be able to escape the cunning intentions of Petyr Baelish. Arya, on the other hand, will be plainly disappointed on not meeting her brother if she manages to reach The North.


We finally learn what Euron Greyjoy meant when he promised Cersei Lannister a ‘gift’ that would be sure to woo her into marrying him. Ellaria Sand, mind you, played a pivotal role in poisoning her daughter Myrcella. Euron is smart enough to keep her alive and present her as a gift for the queen to kill mercilessly.

Will Jorah Mormont finally find the cure to his disease and be by Khaleesi’s side when she needs him the most in the days to come? Sam is hard at work in trying to rid him of the disease but one must remember that the Maester-to-be has no experience at all in performing complicated surgeries. All can go awry for Mormont.


Will Jon Snow and Khaleesi form an alliance that consists of dragons, Dothraki, Wildlings and the Northerners? Or will Cersei pick apart one kingdom after the another and rule until the White Walkers arrive to decimate all?

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