REVIEW: ‘Mehrunisa V Lub U’ packs action, comedy and romance all in one

June 24, 2017

By Shahjahan Khurram

Mehrunisa V Lub U premiered in Karachi at Nueplex Cinemas on Friday in the presence of fans, media personalities and the showbiz industry's who's who. 

It was yet another collaboration between Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Danish Taimoor after Wrong Number. The director is known for his ability tickle the viewers' funny bones and induce hysterical laughter courtesy cutting-edge humour.

All in all, the positive aspect of the movie is the fact that it features comedy, action, romance and plenty of songs. While the plot of the film could have been better, the songs of the movie certainly deserve praise.


The plot of the film focuses on a husband hell-bent on keeping his wife happy and free from stress so she can conceive his child. Karachi's hustle and bustle was too much for Mehrunisa, who hails from the country's beautiful Northern Areas.

In a bid to look after the health of Mehru (Sana Javed), Ali (Danish Taimoor) persuades the whole society to improve the living conditions of their area. Everyone has to chip in and that, perhaps, is the point Yasir Nawaz is trying to drive home with this movie.


Entwined in all of this is political corruption and a nefarious politician who enlists a local goon by the name of Marzi to force the residents of Ali and Mehrunisa's area to sell their flats for a meager price.


Danish Taimoor may seem monotonous at times yet he has certainly come a long way as an actor and as is evident from the flick, can deliver emotional speeches every now and then.

The lead actress Sana Javed flaunts her ethereal beauty throughout the flick. However, justice is not done to her role since she does not have a meaty role in the flick. Sana mostly has one-liners and plays the shy, anxious new bride in the film which does not leave her to experiment with much in the film.