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Guess who was considered to play lead role in Tubelight?

June 9, 2017
Guess who was considered to play lead role in Tubelight?

Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Director of movie Tubelight Kabir Khan was considering several Bollywood A-stars for the flick before casting Salman Khan in his upcoming project.

According to reports, one of the names was Akshay Kumar.

Khan stated, “Instead of a real brother, I thought we should get another actor and create the chemistry on screen.”

He added, “That was while we were developing the script, and before we could decide, I was convinced by Sohail. Maybe, with another actor, I would have had to spend time and create the chemistry that Salman and Sohail share.”

Salman Khan said that the producers wanted someone bigger so that we could crack the number game and earn more at the box office.

The actor wanted Sohail casted for the film as their equation as brothers would can come on the screen convincingly.

“I wanted to be really comfortable, and honestly, with Sohail, I didn’t need to act too much. The emotions came automatically,” Salman said.

“So when you see the tears in the film, sometimes, they are my own emotions as a brother,” he added.

Kabir went on to say, “We put Sohail through a lot of hard work, like making him sprint across the mountains of Ladakh — anybody else in his place would have said, ‘I’m out of this place’, but Sohail kept going even with his oxygen pump in hand. Sohail’s is a dignified character in the film. People will love him, I am sure.”


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