ChaiWala back in showbiz but on one condition

January 7, 2017
Samaa Web Desk

ISLAMABAD: Having gone back to his tea kiosk to continue with his business, Arshad Khan popularly known as ChaiWala has acceded to return to the glitzy scene on one condition.

What is that condition?

It should be mentioned here that Khan traced his steps back from the filmy world one week ago after his family took strong exception over certain photos that were leaked on social media.

However, after Arshad Khan assured his family that he will avoid bold and intimate scenes or objectionable photo-shoot, his family granted him the conditional permission to continue his cinematic career. Now, Khan will formally announce his comeback over next few days with a decision to participate in the film Kabeer.

It is pertinent to note here that Khan’s team uploaded his photos on social media; after which the pictures came to his family’s view in Mardan, according to sources. Seeing the religious bent of mind of the family, the photos were not liked by them all as they called him back and asked him to desist from the field altogether.

However, the sources also said Khan’s comeback is exclusively about the film Kabeer in order to stay clear of legal complications. Only the time will lay bare the truth in this regard. So, let’s wait. –SAMAA