Salman Ahmed Is Back

December 2, 2016
Omair Alavi


By: Omair Alavi

Good things come to those who wait and Salman Ahmed of Junoon (formerly of Vital Signs as well) has waited a long time for good times to return. The Jazba Junoon guy has been part of ‘change through music’ for more than 2 decades now and with Door Bohat Door, he makes a comeback like never before.

Directed by Humza Yousaf and featuring a star cast comprised of lethal left-arm quickie Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera along with model Rabia Butt, the video has been shot in the undiscovered-to-the-camera areas of Balochistan as well as in modern parts of the country. Wasim Akram looks dashing as always and with his foreign wife, the frame automatically becomes ‘international’. Rabia Butt knows how to carry herself and gives the vibes of a rebel, somebody we all can relate to.

There are a lot of positives for this music video – the first and most important one is it being a music video. In a country where music in in dire straits and where music channels are as good as extinct, the return of music videos might change things for the better. Yes, Salman’s vocals are not something to be proud of but he has been in the industry for long and knows exactly what the audience’s requirements are. Had he reconciled with Ali Azmat for the song, just imagine how much hype the video might have gotten.

As for the story behind the music video, one must watch it multiple times to know what the musician wants you to understand. It was Salman Ahmed who gave us hits like Junoon Se Aur Ishq Se for Jinnah (with Ali Azmat) and Ehtesaab (with Najam Sheraz) and both had to do more with the political scenario than anything else. The locations used here are not to be missed and tells the world that there is more to Pakistan than terrorism and corruption. It is the land of Pure and there is nothing in the world that can undone Pakistan.