George Clooney, Wife Amal Ready For $300 Million Divorce: Report

December 9, 2016


Actor George Clooney and his wife Amal are reportedly living separate lives and are ready for a $300 million divorce.

“Amal and George divorce announcement! $300 million split rocks Hollywood!” blares the latest headline of OK! Magazine, reports “Amal wanted kids, he didn’t. She’ll get his fortune and his Lake Como villa.”

“While they love each other, they might be realising they want different things in life,” a source said, adding that the couple’s “growing divide” is allegedly due to a “long list of grievances” that have now brought the relationship “to a perilous crossroads”.

The source added: “When George and Amal first got together, their friends thought they were a perfect match. But now some are expecting them to announce a split.”

George Clooney and Amal Clooney are ready for a $300 million divorce.

George Clooney was “feeling the mounting pressure” to have children and had reluctantly agreed, according to the source. “But as I understand it, he’s since backed away from that decision, and Amal Clooney is crushed,” said the insider.

George Clooney allegedly plans to move to Britain as he’s “growing impatient” at Amal Clooney’s “taste for the high life” and lavish spending.


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